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Greekdelifood was founded to bring people together with the values of true food. Small producers in Greece have,over the last years,created precious food treasures, based on traditional recipes and the homely warmth that gives meaning to life through the values of the Mediterranean diet.

We work with independent producers and farmers who place great importance on the standards for the proper products. Some are certified organic products, some do conventional cultivations. But everyone follow procedures like ISO, HACCP, FDA, EFQ etc. for a consistent production quality.

We want to share with the world the true food, not the industrialized. We want the Internet to bridge the distances between people and give access to those who are seeking true food to those who strive to produce true food.We support and encourage those who produce natural products so that they can succeed in their endeavors, grow and prosper.

With honest commercial transactions we want to help everyone to benefit and to have a better quality of life. Our choices and our proposals are focused mainly on the quality and nutritional value of the products and not in expensive packaging. Many of the products offered are of limited quantity and for that they are rare. We will make sure that you will be notified on time for their availability.

Our aim is to respond to you fast and economically, bringing to your door via mail and in perfect condition, the products you will select. Do not hesitate to send us your feedback, we value your opinion and we look forward to hearing from you.

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